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About Us

Who We Are ?

Mr. Mahesh B. Biradar, Chairman & MD and Mrs. Jayashri M. Biradar, Vice President of the MBBG Global Limited Company. The company had been engaged in marketing & Opportunity providing through selling prMr.oducts like Health, Agriculture, Electronics & Home needed products & etc. For the right requirement at right option.
As company we now plan to move in direct selling business & share the profit of middle chain directly to the distributors.

We are experienced and creative

MBBG Global Limited has been established marketing company in Global & working from more then three years for various projects. However our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment marketing & public relation based on the decision of the company to diversify our experience to the direct product selling & share profit with the distributors, we have asset of thousand distributors over the years in the segment of GARMENT industry & PHARMA industry who believe in company & company polices.